Blair Waters

Princess Rita is my first short film. It’s about a lonely insurance adjuster who becomes consumed by his desire to meet his internet girlfriend, who claims to be a princess from a faraway country. 


It premiered at The British Film Institute in 2019, as part of BFI Future Film Festival, won the Festival Jury Award at Nitehawk, premiered online in August 2020 on The Future of Film Is Female, and is a Vimeo Staff Pick. It was also featured on Short of The Week and was a special mention in the Short Awards 2021 for Best Comedy.


In Waters's self-assured hands, the Florida candy-colour aesthetic has never looked so great. -VICE

Tonally perfect. -Short Of The Week

A uniquely realized portrait…leaves an indelible impression. -NoBudge

Wonderfully tactile…everything in this small world is perfectly depicted. -Film inquiry

Is this supposed to be funny? - A Person Online

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