Blair Waters

Princess Rita is still going strong and was in a virtual festival with NFMLA + Seed & Spark this past weekend!! They had insanely good panels and this is from the Q&A after our screening.

Teen Vogue

This was initially a totally different, very cool multi-part project but then after Corona came it had to go to self tape. Kind of funny because I’d always wanted to do something for Teen Vogue so of course a pandemic comes along…anyway I sent them photos of my diaries as visual references and afterwards I felt stupid and was positive they were going to think I was crazy BUT we actually based the visual feel of the series on that…it’s all hand painted panels and hand done alphabets and actual scanned collages, which I thought was super cute.

The Last Mayors of The Salton Sea

Here is a new little documentary for Atlas Obscura. 

Many moons ago (wow) I had an internship at this very large really corporate music magazine and really hated it. For some reason I coped with this by watching Bombay Beach constantly. The film, and the Salton Sea itself, became this weird source of comfort/a mythical magical place to me, and I’m really glad we were able to shoot this before Coronavirus. I know there are bigger problems in the world (like people dying) but I find myself thinking alot about places like The Ski Inn…if they don’t survive this the world is going to be so boring.

We won something!

We won the Festival Jury Award at Nitehawk! I have literally never won anything in my life (with the exception of a poster design contest for a local animal shelter when I was 7) so you can see why I look like I’m in actual shock.

It was also my first Q&A! And the first time a film of mine has played where I live! And the first sold out screening we’ve had in America! A night of firsts which I will treasure forever as probably nothing good will ever happen to me ever again. Also, all photo credits to Edwina Hay, including my lovely new bio photo.  

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