Blair Waters

We won something!

We won the Festival Jury Award at Nitehawk! I have literally never won anything in my life (with the exception of a poster design contest for a local animal shelter when I was 7) so you can see why I look like I’m in actual shock.

It was also my first Q&A! And the first time a film of mine has played where I live! And the first sold out screening we’ve had in America! A night of firsts which I will treasure forever as probably nothing good will ever happen to me ever again. Also, all photo credits to Edwina Hay, including my lovely new bio photo.  

The Enchanted Highway

I’d wanted to go to the Enchanted Highway forever, and even though we arrived right in the middle of a North Dakota snowstorm (the fact we didn’t die driving to our flight immediately following this shoot will forever be a mystery to me) it was so cool to meet Gary. He’s really just about making things, and helping people, and…we were all very charmed. Watch the short doc we made as part of my series with Atlas Obscura, here.


Even more videos that I directed for Macys out now…we’re up to like 15 or something and there’s still many more to come. Watch them over on Macys Youtube and socials!! 

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