Ms. Showtime

My last (for the foreseeable Corona future) documentary with Atlas Obscura is up. It’s on Ms. Showtime who is a motorcycle legend + Tina Turner impersonator + poet + activist + retired aircraft mechanic + great grandmother. 

This is a very biased piece because I think she is the absolute coolest also there is a directors cut of this I need to finish with VHS stuff but for now watch this true icon here.

Teen Vogue

This was initially a totally different, very cool multi-part project but then after Corona came it had to go to self tape. Kind of funny because I’d always wanted to do something for Teen Vogue so of course a pandemic comes along…anyway I sent them photos of my diaries as visual references and afterwards I felt stupid and was positive they were going to think I was crazy BUT we actually based the visual feel of the series on that…it’s all hand painted panels and hand done alphabets and actual scanned collages, which I thought was super cute.

The Last Mayors of The Salton Sea

Here is a new little documentary for Atlas Obscura. 

Many moons ago (wow) I had an internship at this very large really corporate music magazine and really hated it. For some reason I coped with this by watching Bombay Beach constantly. The film, and the Salton Sea itself, became this weird source of comfort/a mythical magical place to me, and I’m really glad we were able to shoot this before Coronavirus. I know there are bigger problems in the world (like people dying) but I find myself thinking alot about places like The Ski Inn…if they don’t survive this the world is going to be so boring.

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